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Our Value.

Dedicated. Service. Provider. Three words that speak to why OneStaff is the ideal partner to streamline your hiring needs. You’re busy, vetting out candidates is time-consuming, but necessary. Let us serve top-talent up on a silver platter (submittal-ready), so all you need to worry about is choosing the best fit for your culture. Maternity leave, Vacations, Leaves of absence, the reason doesn’t matter, we will ensure your facility has the staff it needs to keep up with the workload.

You’ll be assigned one dedicated point-of-contact (Account Manager) that will take the time to know your individual facility’s needs and goals, and ensure we deliver talent every single time, accordingly. They’ll handle all the tedious business communication with Billing and Compliance. They’ll be available to give realistic and upfront assessment on the process, treating you as a true collaborative partner and offering insights into the current market. You just focus on hiring the right fit for your opening. Period.

Why Us?

It’s Simple. Well, the process isn’t, but we make it simple for you by doing all the heavy work.

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One (experienced) dedicated point-of-contact, specializing in the division you are hiring for, and armed with marketplace insights.

Male sales rep on phone with client

Fully-vetted, submittal-ready candidates, as your business needs demand them.

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24/7/365 customer service to ensure we quickly handle anything that comes up.

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