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Five, very simple, words that are the base philosophy of everything we strive to provide as a trusted partner. Consistently recognized by both Inc. 5000, and SIA (Staffing Industry Analysts), as one of the “Best Staffing Firms to Work for” in the U.S., our humble independently owned travel nurse and allied healthcare recruiting agency was founded in 2010. Our goal is still to have a more personal touch on the travelers we work for, and the employees we hire to work with. Very true that the industry (and healthcare in general) is constantly changing, but we don’t believe that how we interact with our healthcare professionals, facility partners or our internal staff, should (unless it’s for the better, of course). Regardless of how big we may get; our main focus is to stay humble and remember who makes this all work. That’s our employees…both you, our travelers, and the internal staff that are here to make things happen for you. Our core principles about customer service, dedication, hard work, and still always making it fun while doing it all, will never change. At the end of the day, we are a (customer) service company, we just make it fun because of the exceptional talent and sparkling souls we seek out and hire.

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Our Awards

SIA 2020
SIA 2020

From Staffing Industry Analysts ((SIA) “Best Staffing Firms to Work For”) (the last 7 years), to (Inc 5,000’s “Fastest-Growing (Private) Companies”) (now 9 years in a row) and their “Best Workplaces” multiple times, we’ve made our mark on the Traveling Healthcare industry. We’re not going to sit here and brag on ourselves, that’s not our style, but we do trust our accolades speak for themselves. Articles (like this) , for example. You don’t continue to grow at the rate we are, without doing something right; the utmost loyalty from our travelers, and solid relationships with our hiring facilities. Go ahead, Google us, take a gander for yourself.

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Find our approach refreshing? Feeling OSM? We’d love to have a conversation and see if we’d be a great fit for you. This whole “travel thing” is a wee bit like dating, eh? We may just be your cup of tea. Intrigued? Browse all of our awesome corporate career options now. Let’s dance!

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