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When it comes to accepting a travel assignment, the travel is ultimately one of the most exciting aspects of the work. You can’t wait to see, do and taste everything that’s on your itinerary. In addition to all of the wonderful things about travel there are the logistical challenges. Yes, you actually have to get there and if you’re not prepared, this process can be pretty boring and even annoying.

At least it used to be. Today we’re offering our suggestions for the must-have gadgets every traveler should take with them. They may not make the trip itself as fun as your next assignment, but they can help make the time fly, so you’ll be there before you know it.

* An external battery. Your smartphone is obviously gadget numero uno, right? So what’s number two? A gadget that lets your smartphone keep running longer. These handy helpers will charge your phone when an outlet isn’t available or, when they’re all full — like at the airport. One — or two — of these is a must.

* Headphones — the noise-canceling kind. Between flight times, delays and airport food pricing, there’s a lot you can’t control during your travel, so take command of what you can — your personal space. A good pair of noise-canceling headphones will give you that peaceful solitude, even in the busiest airports. They’re great if you want to sleep, listen to music or just get away from it all for a while.

* Power up with a power strip. Here we go with the outlet problem again. If you have more gadgets than you do outlets, create your own by packing a power strip. Whether you’re at the airport or in your room, it’s an easy way to charge all your devices in one, easy spot.

* Digital luggage scale. Packing light for a travel assignment isn’t an option, but you don’t want to pay more for your bags if you can help it. Bringing a digital luggage scale allows you to avoid unexpected surprises and expenses. Just remember to pack slightly less than the limit, as the airport’s scale may differ slightly.


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