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Working as a nurse in a specific specialty can be financially rewarding, and doing so in the field of travel nursing is no different. New assignments appear every day for specialty nurses, and if you possess the qualifications to accept one of these assignments, it can certainly be worth your time.

To help you in your search, these are the specialties that we currently see as the highest paying.

* Nurse case managers. If you have the ability to coordinate a patient’s care with other specialists, assignments as nurse case managers are widely available and financially lucrative. The exact amount of additional pay you’ll receive varies by location, but it’s certainly worth contacting your recruiter to learn more.

* Telemetry. Like nurse case managers, your pay rate as a telemetry nurse can vary by location. In addition, your skills may also affect the pay you receive for a given assignment. The more knowledge you have regarding necessary technical medical equipment, the better your pay rate can be.

* Pediatric intensive care nurse. Demand for talented nurses in this role never seems to diminish, so if you possess the skill set to work as a pediatric intensive care nurse, your opportunities are nearly endless.

* Operating room nurse. The ability to serve as an operating room nurse can be your key to a better pay rate. In addition, you can bump that rate even higher if you can offer highly sought-after skill sets such as neurologic, cardiac or robotic surgery experience.

* Cardiac catheterization laboratory nurse. One of the habitually highest ranked roles in job satisfaction is also one of the most lucrative in travel nursing. If you’re a cardiac catheterization laboratory nurse, there are myriad opportunities for you to continue the work you love for great pay.

To learn more about positions available in these or any other specialties, don’t wait. Hit us up today.   



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