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You spent your whole career with the idea of retirement in the back of your mind. It was going to be your time, when you could do what you want, when you want, and live life on your terms. It was going to be great.

Now you’re here and you know what? You were right, retirement is amazing. But as you look back at your career, you realize that nursing was spectacular as well, and even though you always envisioned retirement as living life on your terms, you’re starting to think those terms should include a little professional work as well.

Congratulations, you’re a perfect candidate for travel nursing.

Isn’t travel nursing a young person’s game?

Not in the slightest. Your ability to be a travel nurse doesn’t depend on your age. It depends on your flexibility, your ambition and your willingness to travel around the country to meet new colleagues and help those in need — no matter where they live. That skill set can be found in nurses of any age, and we’ve seen those qualities appear in hundreds of “retired” nurses that we work with each year.

What makes travel nursing great for retirees?

First and foremost, travel nursing supports you in your goal to live life on your terms. We have thousands of assignments waiting for you, and you can choose those that appeal to you most. And if nothing catches your eye, feel free to wait. New assignments open up every day, and you have total control over when you work, where you work and for how long. It’s the kind of control you expected in your retirement, yet it still allows you to enjoy everything that makes nursing great.

The second thing that makes travel nursing great for retirees? It is, of course, the travel. When you pictured your retirement during your working years, you no doubt had ideas about all the places you would get to see when you retired. Now’s your chance. Our travel nursing assignments make it easy to travel to exciting locations all across this country, and because you’ll generally stay in an assignment for as long as 13 weeks, you don’t have to worry about simply scratching the surface of your chosen destination. You’ll have the time to explore the entire area and everything that makes it great.

Hit us up to learn more

If all of this sounds good to you, then don’t delay. Hit us up and start learning more about the world of travel nursing and how we can help you make your retirement every bit as professionally and personally rewarding as you dreamed it would be all those years ago.


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