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One of the greatest perks of being a healthcare traveler is seeing what the different areas of the country have to offer. Of course it’s a no-brainer to visit the must-see landmarks like the Grand Canyon, Mountains, Blue Ridge Parkway and the list goes on and on. If you are looking for a unique experience or just feeling a little weird; these are the most unique places to visit while on your next assignment.


Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Graveyard (Waterbury, Vermont)


Oh, our “dearly De-Pinted”... gone too soon but not gone forever? At the Ben & Jerry’s Original Factory in Vermont, you can visit their Ice Cream flavor graveyard, where they pay homage to their ‘failed’ flavors. Love a de-pinted flavor? You can help resurrect it from the grave, by voting on the online poll for the flavor you wish to see back in the ice cream aisle. (vote here) If you’d like to pay your respects, visitation to the flavor graveyard is available with their factory tour. 


Carhenge (Alliance, Nebraska)


Stonehenge but make it cars, because why not? This Nebraskan replica was initially created for the summer solstice of 1987 and hasn’t moved since. If you can’t get to Europe anytime soon, this is a great substitution and will be a fine addition to your Insta Feed. 


Neon Boneyard / The Neon Museum (Las Vegas, Nevada)


Travel back in time via neon lights and see what you can discover at this non-profit dedicated to collecting, preserving, studying and exhibiting Las Vegas neon signs. Their main collection has more than 200 unrestored signs which are illuminated at sunset. Alas, another Insta-worthy visit.

Cabazon Dinosaurs (Cabazon, California)


Move over Jurassic Park! East of Los Angeles and North of Palm Springs you can find two ‘life size’ dinosaurs. Walk the dinosaur trail and enjoy the Wafflesaurus truck to fully enjoy the Cabazon Dinosaur experience. A perfect little day trip. 

Husky Homestead (Denali Park, Alaska) 


Meet Alaska’s finest four-legged athletes, the sled dogs and puppies of Husky Homestead. Book a tour to learn all about this rural lifestyle from a four-time Iditarod Champion, Jeff King and meet the pups in front of the sled. 

Rock City (Lookout Mountain, Georgia)


Adventure through an enchanted trail and discover magical caves, incredible rock formations and some stunning views. When you reach Lover’s Leap, you best believe you’ll be looking at SEVEN states. An all around magical experience in nature and a great day trip for any season. 


Mackinac Island (Michigan)


No car, no problem on Mackinac Island, as the preferred mode of transportation is horse-drawn carriage. Party like it’s the 19th century and live lavishly at the Grand Hotel, where meals are an event and you can enjoy traditions such as Afternoon Tea in the parlor and finish your day with nightly dancing. Bask in the simplicity of no cars, no chain restaurants, just stunning nature and beautiful Victorian Architecture. 


Travel Nurses are in a very unique position as they travel the country from assignment to assignment. You can see all the country has to offer, the popular tourist destinations as well as the unique, not so well known parts of the country. It’s all for you to discover.

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