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So…you travel to make a living! There is always plenty to be excited about with a new travel assignment. There's the terrain to explore, new patients, new opportunities and one great big new adventure. What’s not to love?

With all the new, it also means the old is gone: old connections, old gathering spots and old entertainment. New locations can be tough, so let's replace those old favorites with some new ones ASAP by following the guide below. 

Embrace your inner narcissist. Thinking only about yourself isn’t always a good thing, but for right now it’s cool. You took this assignment for the professional opportunity but you probably already have some personal things you want to do in town as well. Now’s the time to do them. Set out on your solo adventures immediately while you build relationships. That way you'll be able to have some fun without trying to force yourself on others. 

Activate your online self. Think of the internet as your PR campaign to announce your arrival before you arrive. Social media and Meetup groups are a great way to find like-minded individuals anywhere. Hop online and say hi. Your calendar will start to fill up before your feet even touch the ground in your new city.

Rewrite your friend criteria. Every city is different, and if you sit around waiting for your old friends to appear you may miss out on some pretty amazing people. Be open to new friends, no matter what their age or background, and you’ll quickly meet the right people for you.

Let the activity be your gateway. Whatever you’re into, there are people in your new area that feel the same. If it’s yoga, take a class. If it’s animals, volunteer at the area shelter. Pursue your passions and you’ll instantly be united with other people who think like you do.

Recognize you’re not alone. You aren’t the only person to recently move to this new city, so find others like you looking to make new friends. Social media can help. Look for events specifically targeting people that are new in town. A cocktail mixer or art event may help you find new friends, and even if it doesn’t, it will make for an enjoyable evening to start your assignment in your new location.


Fun activities to do with your new friends

Go for a Hike - Whether they be a fellow traveler or part of perm staff, go explore! Experience the terrain together or have the local show you around to the best and coolest places in the area. There is so much out there, you just have to go looking. 

Volunteer together - hit up the local humane society or homeless shelter as these two are always in need of volunteers. Use your time off to do some good together and bond over the experience.

Lazy Day - Nurses work incredibly hard and sometimes on their days off don’t want to do much of anything. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do nothing together. (really proper grammar, I know) Meet up, grab some snacks and face masks and hang out at one of your homes and watch movies and maybe nap a little bit. There’s nothing better than doing nothing together. 

Twerk out (work out) - get your endorphins going by attending a workout class together or maybe hit up some yoga in the park or even help one another shovel eachother’s driveways…..too soon? 

Go for dinner..or Lunch…or breakfast - Time of day, depending on your shift…Hit up a local restaurant and get your cuisine on by trying some locally famous dishes and leave with a full tummy and some new memories with a new friend.

So all said and done, get out there and make some memories! We at OneStaff Medical enjoy hearing your experience and are always open to giving you some spotlight. If you have thoughts/ stories to share, get ahold of us on Facebook here! Share your thoughts and we may just make you 'famous' by featuring you on our blog, OSMSauce


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