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The travel nursing world has become a competitive field to work in. As a nursing applicant, if you want your application to stand out to secure a great nursing assignment, there are some important qualities to have.

Nursing recruiters look for nurses who exhibit certain skills, including critical thinking, emotional maturity, organization, and teamwork. You need to be able to work well with other medical staff, patients, and families. Additionally, there are some other key qualities that traveling nurses should exhibit, which we’ll look at below.

What Qualities Make for Good Travel Nurses?

There are many attributes of nurses that make them experts at their job. Whether you’re already a travel nurse or you’re considering becoming one, these nursing qualities are essential and can guarantee success in your position. Here is a look into what characteristics make good qualities in travel nurses.

1.     Flexibility

Travel nurses need to be flexible for multiple reasons. Job assignments, locations, and duties change constantly. As a nurse, you must be open-minded and able to adapt quickly to new situations. Flexible nurses serve as better team members at healthcare facilities.

An important part of being flexible as a travel nurse is being open to new positions as assignment needs shift and change. If you’re open-minded about going to new places, you’re more likely to be offered more job assignments by your recruiter. Not being flexible means missing out on certain opportunities that would look great on your resume and offer you more experience.

Travel nurses must also be adaptable when it comes to job responsibilities and their work schedules. If you’re picky about what days of the week you want to work, or if you prefer working days over nights, you’re less likely to be given more roles. Travel nurses need to be open to working days and nights, as well as being flexible when it comes to housing and the facilities you work in.

2.     Professionalism

Healthcare facilities look for traveling nurses can handle themselves professionally, no matter what environment they’re in. You must be able to work professionally with many different coworkers, colleagues, and management styles.

Facilities also look for traveling nurses who can provide the same standard of conduct and professionalism as their permanent nursing staff does. Even if your nursing assignments change frequently, it’s essential to remain consistent in showing professionalism no matter where you are.

Professionalism also includes good communication and listening skills, being prepared, and dressing appropriately for work.

3.     Positive Attitude

Nurses are often thrown into challenging situations, and travel nurses are regularly being thrust into unfamiliar places far from home. However, nurses are expected to have a positive attitude as they are helping patients through their own challenging times.

As situations in medical facilities are constantly changing, it can be hard to keep a positive mindset, especially when you are feeling down or patient outcomes aren’t what you were hoping. But part of being a good nurse is not letting these emotions affect your work or patient care. The best thing you can do is try to remember the bright side of every situation and focus on the ways that you can help those around you.

It is also important to remember that recruiters notice when you take on new assignments with a positive attitude and an open mind. A big reason for this is that having a pleasant demeanor and positive outlook makes you more successful and allows you to enjoy the position more. Plus, patients are more likely to connect with and trust a nurse that comes to the job with a good attitude. Nurses with good attitudes also tend to work better in a team setting, making them more likable among their peers.

4.     Reliability and Trustworthiness

Travel nurses have a lot of responsibility. As part of this responsibility, numerous entities need to rely on you to show up and do your job for every shift. Recruiters, healthcare facilities, coworkers, and patients all need to be able to rely on and trust you.

Recruiting companies rely on traveling nurses to show up for their assignment on their first day, especially at top facilities where reliable nurses are needed. Unreliable nurses can damage the reputation of not only the nurses themselves but also the staffing agency they are associated with, so you must prove that you are reliable and trustworthy at each new assignment.

While you need people to trust you, you also need to trust your recruiter, facility staff, and the process. Your recruiter will have your back; trust that they always have your best interests in mind.

Trust goes both ways. If you trust in your recruiters, they’ll trust you to keep doing a good job at every assignment. Plus, when you trust others and show that you are trustworthy and reliable, you will find greater success and build longer-lasting relationships with your coworkers on your assignments.

5.     Empathy

Medical professionals need to have an understanding of what their patients are going through to provide the highest level of care. As travel nurses are often expected to fill in at healthcare facilities that desperately need extra help, these nurses need to be able to express empathy for both the staff and patients in these facilities.

One of the best ways to express empathy is to remember why you became a nurse in the first place. You want to help people during some of the hardest moments of their lives. Showing compassion to patients who are in pain or sick is a huge part of the job. Your patients will remember the way you treated them when they were in a hard place. You must remain empathic each day at work.

When you are stepping into a role at a hospital in dire need of help, remaining patient and empathic with the rest of the staff, especially the nurses, is essential. You need to build trust and respect, and your job is to be helpful. Remember that these nurses might be overworked and experiencing some burnout. They may also be stressed and tired. Try to be empathic not only to the patients you meet but also to the other medical professionals who need your help along the way.

Many of these traits are things that nurses have to work to achieve every day. It isn’t always easy to maintain a positive attitude on hard days. That takes work. Trust must be earned, and professionalism is often learned. As a travel nurse, these qualities help you learn and grow as a nursing professional.

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