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In 1991, Congress proclaimed the first Tuesday of June each year to be National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day. It is a day to recognize the essential role of healthcare recruiters in the healthcare system as a whole. 

What is a Healthcare Recruiter? 

At OneStaff Medical, a Healthcare Recruiter’s job is to find qualified and interested healthcare professionals to fill vacancies in healthcare facilities with short-term contracts all around the country. 

While it is a recruiting position, it is also very much a customer service role too. It is crucial to build strong and trusting relationships with the healthcare professionals you work with. 

Top Qualities of a great healthcare recruiter:

Motivated: A recruiter needs to have the drive to go out and find qualified healthcare professionals. The job does require talking on the phone, a lot. It is important for recruiters to have the will to keep moving forward, no matter the roadblocks. 

Willingness to learn: Of course, healthcare recruiting isn’t something many have experience in unless they’ve been in the industry before. We are fortunate enough to have an amazing in-house trainer to help you start your journey, as well as help with any training needs you may have as you grow into the role. Our trainer will make sure you feel comfortable and prepared enough to dive right in!

Attention to detail: the role of a recruiter can get hectic, you are working with a handful of different healthcare professionals at the same time. You need to be organized enough to be consistent with communication and making sure their process is moving along. 

Personable Personality: Healthcare recruiting, you need to fill a lot of different shoes. Be empathetic when your healthcare worker is having a stressful time or just needs to vent. Be persuasive, it’s the recruiter’s job to ‘sell’ opportunities and OneStaff to the best candidates. Be friendly and open, a huge part of being a healthcare recruiter is building relationships with your healthcare worker that are trusting and genuine. 


As we continue to grow, we are always looking for more ‘OSM’ (awesome), motivated people to join our team. If you think you have what it takes..go ahead ‘shoot your shot’ ;) 



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