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Emergency Nurses. Much love to you all. It’s your day. Though the healthcare field in itself is a challenging field, that not all have the personality for, being an ER Nurse definitely take a special breed. A calm-under-pressure mind. The compassion of Mother Teresa. A strong stomach. The ability to calm patients 24/7, as if they are in the ER, they are not coming in with a calm demeanor. For all of that, our ER Nurses deserve a big shout out. You are the first line of defense at any facility, and you see/ do/ hear stories that most of us would think are simply movie plots, because that can’t really happen in real life, can it? I’m sure some of you out there have stories, and we’d love to hear them! No, seriously, we would. Send us some crazy stories! 

Originally promoted by the Emergency Nurses Association in Australia back in 1989, the special day is now observed around the world. 

When you consider the typical day-to-day duties of an ER Nurse, it’s easy to see that we have plenty to be grateful for when it comes to the work Emergency Nurses take on. Especially in this Twilight-Zone of a year, full of pandemics and unrest, just when you thought things couldn’t get any crazier…they did. So, we think it’s only right that we celebrate all of the work that you do and show our appreciation. 

To all of the ER Nurses, especially those we’ve had the pleasure of working with, a big shout out. Hugs from your family here at OneStaff. Keep doing what you do. We. Appreciate. You. 

And, if you are an Emergency Room Nurse, and still haven’t traveled with us, well what are you waiting for? Let’s dance! 

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