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What is your name and what do you do at OneStaff?

Cody Gilson

Why do you love being a recruiter?

I love being a recruiter because I thoroughly enjoy the relationships I have built with all my nurses and techs throughout my career at OneStaff. I can honestly say that I have made several friends in the field that I truly care about and I love to hear about their success stories both on and off the nursing floor.

What do you love about the OneStaff family?

I love the fact that I can go to any one of them at anytime. If I am in need of some advice or just anything for that matter they have always been there for me. I have been working here for almost 5 years now and can truly say that we are tight knit family that will always support each other no matter what the case is.

What is your favorite city to travel to?

LA all day! I am a Cali boy at heart and have always been. Both my parents grew up right outside LA and I was born and raised Lakers, Dodgers, Raiders, USC football, and UCLA basketball!

What motivates you to constantly be better; personally and professionally?

My biggest motivation is my family and my own personal success to support them throughout these crazy times!

Any side hobbies or passions you'd like to share with our travelers?

I love watching all sports. I am a sports fanatic. I like playing basketball, sand volleyball and coaching my soon to be step-son in life and sports.

What’s your promise to potential travelers that may see this and would want to work with you?

I promise to be up front and honest with you at all times. Sometimes you will not always want to hear it, but it is raw and it is real! At the end of the day we are a team, it's me and you. I have your back and you have mine! I have always told my nurses they can chat with me about anything and they take full advantage of it! As long as we maintain transparency throughout our relationship then we will continue to help each other and grow with each other! Communication and honesty is key!

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