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NEW YORK STATE, mostly known for New York City, Times Square, The Statue of Liberty, New York Style Pizza etc..etc. But what about the rest of the state that DOES sleep? 

Up in the North East part of the state we have the Adirondacks which expands from New York into parts of Canada and is over 5,000,000 years old. There are plenty of activities to do year around such as skiing, snowshoeing and winter carnivals in the winter and hiking, fishing, camping and canoeing on the lakes in the spring, summer & fall. This huge piece of nature is not something to be missed. “Once you visit - You’ll always return.

Located on the Eastern part of the state, you NEED to visit Watkins Glen State Park which you can find at the Southernmost point of Seneca Lake. This particular state park is known for the usuals; campking, hiking, waterfalls, but it is also known for car racing! According to the official GoFingerLakes website, ‘First time visitors will be surprised to find that the park is located within downtown Watkins Glen and that the park is wildly popular; the lower parking area fills early and often.  Besides the gorge, Watkins Glen is also famous for car races, which take place annually during the Watkins Glen International.”

The Mother of all waterfalls, Niagara Falls located in the very Eastern part of the state is one of the great wonders of the world. Just the roar of the falls is enough to make you take a step back in amazement. There are many ways to take it all in, on viewing bridges, by boat, helicopter, and on a cave tour. With three waterfalls and tons for you to do year-round, Niagara Falls is a MUST see. 

Finally, we HAD to put New York City on this list. World Renowned for its people, pizza and ‘pizzazz’, New York City is quite literally overflowing with energy and experiences. See your favorite show on Broadway, take in the hustle of Times Square, visit the Statue of Liberty, take a walk in Central Park and oh so much more. 
So maybe, the rest of the state doesn’t sleep...that much...So what are you waiting for?

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