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Omaha NE (our hometown), is being blessed with yet another industry convention this coming July. For those that haven’t heard, The CNA Travelers Convention is set to invade Omaha July 14th-16th, 2020. If you are a Certified Nursing Assistant, we hope to see you here soon. 

In the meantime, we wanted to highlight the organizer of the convention, Ms Della Campbell, and hear what she had to say on why she does it, what her future vision is and hear a little more about her as a person; what drives her. Where she’s from, etc, 

TELL US ABOUT YOUR CNA EXPERIENCE. I have been traveling for 13 years on/off. I have been to 32 of the 50 states, my favorite will always be California, and New Mexico

WHERE ARE YOU ORIGINALLY FROM? I was born and partially raised in Riverside, CA. My family moved to New Mexico my 6th grade year and that’s been home ever since. 

WHAT’S YOUR “WHY?” (what inspires you? Any passions/ dislikes/ hobbies) My “WHY” is to help educate as many new/seasoned CNAs navigate the ins and outs of the traveling healthcare world. It can be a strange and scary world if you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into. I am currently working on the second edition of the CNAs guide to traveling workbook from what the reviews I received from the first edition it was very helpful to many whether they are new or they are seasoned travelers. so I’m super proud and very excited about that. 

I have many passions, 1 includes being a protégée CNA for many others CNAs. I believe that showing someone the correct way is always best. 

Hobbies would include making diaper cakes, an pre-packed diaper (hospital bags). I enjoy working in my current workbook, and planning the CNA Travelers Convention. 

WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO BECOME A TRAVELING CNA? I wanted to see the world, meet new people, see new places, and make money. 

WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO CREATE THE CNA CONVENTION? The willingness and ability to want to help others. I didn’t have guidance when I 1st started, I almost stopped because I didn’t fully understand how everything worked. This convention allows CNAs the inside scoop/story on how everything comes together from start to finish. We correct with so many CNAs and I just want to help them all. 

WHAT’S YOUR VISION OF THE EXPERIENCE? Amazing! We have got great feedback from the past 2 conventions, and used that information to make the 3rd convention even better. 

ARE YOU SO EXCITED TO COME TO OUR HOMETOWN IN JULY? Yes! I can’t wait to meet the many people I converse with via email, the recruiters, and many others. We are ready to take Omaha by storm!!!

...for more details on The CNA Travelers Convention, lodging and speakers, check out the site here

MORE ABOUT OMAHA. Homebase to OneStaff Medical, (and a little-known fact, but it’s a large hub for some great staffing agencies in general), Omaha is smack-dab in the middle of America. A city known for its succulent steaks, one of the top Zoos in the country, Henry Doorly Zoo (no joke, look that stat up), hosting the spectacular College World Series (every June) and breeding humans of the strongest-caliber Midwestern work ethic. (a few famous people that are poster children of that work ethic, being stand-outs in their own respective fields; Fred Astaire, Warren Buffet, Marlon Brando and the ‘King of Hustle/Grind,’ the current World Champion Lightweight Boxer, Terence Crawford, to name a few). 

We’ve written blogs that included Omaha, specifically the local love of St. Patty’s Day (here). We love local food (you have to try a Runza if you visit, trust us), know how to have a good time and nobody can deny that Midwesterners are among the kindest people you’ll ever meet. So come to the convention and see for yourself! In the meantime, if you have an interest in taking assignments to get you closer prior to the convention, check these out and just filter by your discipline/ specialty.   


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