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Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution? What was your goal? Did you want to lose weight, learn a new hobby, advance your career or travel somewhere new in 2020? It’s a new decade, regardless of what the last ten years have brought you, let’s start these next ten off with optimism, ambitions, goals and evolution. And let’s collaborate to get there! The world needs more of that. Seriously. 

We love resolutions here at OneStaff Medical, almost as much as we love efficiency. So, let’s bring your travel and your professional resolutions together with a list of your top travel resolutions for the New Year.

This year, resolve to:

TRAVEL MORE. The more will mean different things to different people. Whatever it is to you, we want to see you increase your travel frequency. If you accepted a single assignment last year, go for two this year. If you did two, try a third. Find assignments that appeal to you and you’ll excitedly fill your days with new adventures.

TAKE AN ASSIGNMENT SOMEWHERE YOU’VE NEVER BEEN. This could be a new location or — if you’re feeling brave — a location different than any you’ve ever lived in before. If you’re from a big city, try life in a small town. If you’re from the south, experience life with snow for the winter. Step outside your comfort zone and you may actually like what you find.

TRY A NEW FACILITY. Travel assignments are also a great opportunity to step away from your norm and try out work in a new facility. Explore clinics, hospitals or any other environment that has been foreign to you in your previous roles to see if such an option may be for you in the future. 

STAND UP FOR YOUR NEEDS. Travel nursing can be more than just a chance to explore something new, it can be a fully satisfying career. Treat it as such. This year, be more vocal in what you do and don’t love about travel nursing and don’t be afraid to contact your staffing agency to learn about how they can work with you to make your travel experience better than ever.

IF we here as your travel nurse recruiting agency of choice can help with any of the above - which we trust we can - by all means reach out!  We’d love to hear from you and we can’t wait to help.

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