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While travel nursing assignments are increasingly available in small towns, larger metro areas still make up the bulk of such opportunities.

That’s a major advantage for those who enjoy the hustle, bustle and fun of big cities and wish to explore their many amenities. After all, urban areas tend to offer ease of public transportation, a variety of entertainment and plenty of opportunities to socialize regardless of the shifts you’re working. A big venue may be just the motivation you need to pursue new interests, meet new friends and/or try new adventures.

On a statewide basis, the states projected to have the greatest shortage of RNs of all kinds through 2030 are California (44,500 FTEs), Texas (15,900 FTEs), New Jersey (11,400 FTEs) and South Carolina (10,400 FTEs), according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Conversely, the states with the great surplus are slated to be Florida, Ohio, Virginia and New York.

Homing in on specific cities that need gypsy nurses, you may wish to focus on these areas producing significant travel nursing opportunities.

  • WASHINGTON, D.C.: Between 2019 and 2024, demand for RNs is expected to grow by 21% in the nation’s capitol, reports “Yes, Washington, D.C., is full of politics and drama, but it’s also a city steeped in history with a lot of Michelin-rated restaurants to boot,” writes Alana Luna on “Eat, drink and be merry next to lawmakers, movers and shakers, then help others while working in hospitals ranked nationally for everything from cardiology and heart surgery to neonatology.” Check out all of our DC Travel Nurse Jobs (here)
  • ROCHESTER OR MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTAIt’s easy to understand why the Mayo Clinic headquarters generates a stronger-than-normal demand, but Mayo’s tendency to recruit RNs away from the Twin Cities has led to shortages in that area as well. Check out all of our Minnesota Travel Nurse Jobs (here)
  • LOS ANGELES: Nursing instructor shortages in and around L.A. have led to shortages of RNs, reports LRS, and the state’s strong labor unions and state laws supporting high nurse-to-patient staffing ratios have also boosted demand. Statewide, California is expected to be short some 44,500 RNs by 2030Check out all of our California Travel Nurse Jobs (here)
  • DENVER: Demand here is largely due to a mass retirement of older-generation nurses, according to LRS, with one in 10 nurses statewide already past the traditional retirement age of 65. “There are endless recreational opportunities to enjoy on your days off,” the author notes. Check out all of our Colorado Travel Nurse Jobs (here)
  • SEATTLE: Retiring older nurses and a growing population are major factors in the ongoing nursing shortage in this booming seaport city. Washington as a state is expected to be short 7,000 nurses by 2025Check out all of our Washington Travel Nurse Jobs (here)
  • ATLANTA: Warm climes and plenty of attractions are draws in this city that’s actively recruited nurses for the past several years. The state as a whole is expected to be short 2,200 RNs by 2030Check out all of our Georgia Travel Nurse Jobs (here)
  • HOUSTON: The wealth of highly regarded hospitals and medical facilities regularly create opportunities for incoming nurses. Statewide, the shortage of RNs is slated to be second only to California, with a dearth of 15,900 expected by 2030. Check out all of our Texas Travel Nurse Jobs (here)
  • CHICAGO: Nursing instructors and specialists in psychiatric nursing are especially needed in the Second City (AKA Windy City, City of Broad Shoulders, etc etc), and the area boasts a huge variety of cultural, outdoor and entertainment options to enjoy in your time off. Check out all of our Illinois Travel Nurse Jobs (here)


For the record, the cities offering the highest wages to traveling nurses in 2019 are New York City; Seattle; Boston; Florida, N.Y.; Washington, D.C.; Los Angeles; Gallup, N.M.; Chicago; Minneapolis; and Baltimore, M.D., according to


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