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Have you pondered becoming a traveling nurse? Ever wondered a good first step or specialty to consider? Well, we have great news and some other thoughts, all to only help reinforce why you’re making a great decision by considering becoming a travel nurse. 

First off, yes, we’re biased, we are in the business of partnering w/ “travel nurses.” Truth, but from a larger job opportunity perspective, being a Traveling Nursing is only going to become a more popular option year-to-year. The demand to fill jobs due to the nursing shortage is expected through 2025 and beyond. #Boom. Plenty of work and options for travel nurses. That shortage is due to the lack of nursing school enrollments, and in larger part due to the expected retirement of a significant portion of the current working nurses reaching that age over the next 10+ years. Add to the mix, the various changes in the healthcare policy and systems, and you’ve compounded the need; requiring a larger focus on the ideal staffing levels to address nurse-to-patient ratios. (three cheers for all the RNs who have fought and pushed for this issue to be addressed for years…a win for RNs in NYC, that we recently wrote about, here).

That all said, this is a great time to go into travel nursing, as the pay is great, the demand is high and the potential dream job locations are endless…

TOP-PAYING NURSE JOBS.First and foremost, let’s go back to Travel RN pay. Travel Nurses get paid well, in part, for the stress/ pressure put on them to learn, adapt and assimilate quickly in a very tough and emotionally-taxing role. One specialty in nursing worth calling out, is Skilled Nursing; Skilled Nursing roles include RNs, LPNs and CNA’s, but the largest demand is always for RNs. Of the many facilities that exist for RNs, Skilled Nursing Facilities were on the top 5 highest paid places to work last year:

·       General Medical and Surgical Hospitals

·       Physician's Offices

·       Home Health Care

·       Skilled Nursing Facilities

·       Outpatient Care

JOB DEMAND.The shortage of qualified workers continues to plague the skilled nursing sector, and data from job board, Monster, backs it up. At any given point, there are 1,000’s of RN jobs openacross the country. Skilled Nursing, accounts for a decent chunk of those RN job opportunities. We’ve made it easy for you to check out those specifically too, just click here

DREAM LOCATIONS.From East to West coast. The sun-bleached beaches to the majestic mountains of this beautiful country of ours, we’ve got jobs there (no seriously, just look at them all here) ;) So that’s another benefit of travel nursing. Whether you like adventure and want the great outdoors, or you want to soak in the culture of some of our bigger urban cities, travel nurses have the freedom to pick up and move every 13 weeks to a new location! Ideal for younger professionals who have not yet put their “roots” down, have kids and want to explore before they do settle down. Ask any older person what they regret most in life, and we’ll promise you most of them will say that they wished they’d have traveled more before settling down to get married and have kids. So, here’s the perfect opportunity to do just that, and get paid well doing it. Boom. Winning.

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