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A great inspirational story about the present situation never being the end destination, should you have the fortitude, persistence, and patience to break through it. It’s the often rare stories like this, that help remind us as humans who get caught up in our day-to-day routines, that we can create a better life. Should we be willing to not accept anything less than what we feel we deserve. That obstacles, though some may be tall, are never dead ends. With that, we introduce…


Frank Baez, once a janitor as a teen at New York University’s Langone Tisch Hospital, just graduated last month with a nursing degree from that very same institution. 


He could barely speak English when he first began the job as a teen, and took the job to help support his family. That extra cash quickly turned into a deep interest in the medical field, and other jobs. Working with the nurses during his time at NYU, he knew he had found his calling. “I learned how much they advocate for their patients and the passion they have for their job.” He said. 


He eventually went on to finish his bachelor’s degree at Hunter College, becoming the first person in his family to get a college degree. After that, Baez went applied to an accelerated program that would allow him to graduate in just 15 months with a nursing degree. Now, if anyone knows the program, the accelerated version is no easy task. Natalya Paskinsky, director of situational learning at the college of nursing, commented “Our program is extremely rigorous. Frank didn’t just kind of make the program, barely getting through. He flew through it with flying colors.” Also, going on to say in regards to his "The way he interacted with patients, to me, showed a lot of compassion," she said. "In my mind, he’s a star. I think he's going to be a fantastic nurse."

This statement from Frank sums it up, and why we felt such a great story to share…"What I did was, I never gave up," Baez said.


We’re proud to have such an ambitious soul added to the nursing industry. We can only hope that Baez considers travel nursing some day, so that he can share his contagious energy, and gets a chance to explore the rest of the country. Wink, wink…we’re be waiting once you’re ready, Frank! Keep us bookmarked and in the meantime, start creating your bucket list of travel locations by browsing all of your top traveling nurse job options here

Until then, CONGRATS and thank you for the inspiration. 

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