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So you’re preparing to settle into your new living quarters as a traveling nurse, but your surroundings don’t feel as homey as they could. What are some fast hacks for turning your temporary home away from home into a cozy, comfortable retreat?

  • Optimize wall space. At least put up a few posters that please you aesthetically. 3M Command Strips (or their equivalents) are your friends. Unless you’re trying to hang a bronze sculpture, these convenient little strips are perfect for temporarily hanging up artwork without worrying about losing your security deposit.
  • Place photos all around. These will remind you of friends and family, and could spark conversations when people visit your place.
  • Employ aromatherapy. Other people’s houses often smell weird to us even when nothing is awry. Try lighting candles in scents that make you think happy thoughts. Often, cooking familiar dishes at home (and enjoying the aromas they create) can also make a home feel cozier. 
  • Personalize curtains. Change out generic varieties with a color and/or print that speaks to you, or maybe just add interest with some artfully draped scarves.
  • Make furniture more inviting. That may mean covering a couch with the quilt Grandma made you, adding colorful, squishy pillows to a loveseat or throwing your own tablecloth over a generic dining room table. 
  • Add greenery. Inexpensive plants not only oxygenate your space, they can make it seem more outdoorsy. Some studies have even found they can make us more calm and relaxed. 
  • Use throw rugs strategically. Laying down inexpensive rugs in colors and patterns you enjoy can instantly transform dingy carpeting or floors and make your décor seem more intentional.  
  • Play your own music. Hearing familiar tunes can help you think of your new place in a more familiar light. 
  • Introduce yourself to neighbors. Finally, as long as you’re living in a safe area, don’t be shy about introducing yourself to the neighbors you run across. You should feel more comfortable living near each other even if you only meet once, and you never know when a neighbor might become a friend. 


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