"I love love love working with Todd Anderson! Right from the beginning he knew I was unhappy with the way other travel staff agencies treated me. Why was I doing all the searching and my agency got all the benefits?? Todd delved into the world of contracts and found me an amazing job in NC... fits me totally perfect!! He didn't waste any time. I had an offer in like three days!! I will NOT leave OneStaff Medical! They put ME in the number one spot!"
Lisa Spofford / September 2017

"OneStaff is a truly great company. I have a couple of friends that travel for them and they have always gone above and beyond for them. Highly recommend!"
Kelsey Brown / July 2017

"I worked with Joe Sloger for the first, but not last time I hope! Company pay is good & I was always paid on time and the right amount. He found me a great assignment and did not try to shove me into an assignment that I was not 100% comfortable with. Joe S. was very responsive when I called/messaged him and he kept in contact with me constantly throughout my 15wk assignment in IA. I would definitely recommend this company & recommend recruiter Joe Sloger (tell him Katie Thomas sent ya!). Thanks Joe for a positive experience!"
Katie Thomas / August 2017

"I have just returned to travel nursing after 12 years and I must say TOM STRUBLE is the BOMB recruiter. He is amazing. No matter what time or day of the week I call him or text him he responds. He makes sure I am happy and always asks what he can do to help my transition. He worked hard and tirelessly to get me my first assignment back in the industry and I see a very long and happy future working with him. I am in my second week of my contract, but already looking forward to where we will go next!"
Michelle L. Jackson / September 2017

"Jason Lawyer is my recruiter. So far I'm very happy. He's had my back, quickly and professionally handled a bad situation, had me in another contract relatively quickly and always responds in a timely manner. I don't generally do recommendations, because it can come back to bite you, but I'm confident in recommending Jason."
Bobbie Janis / August 2017

"My experience with OSM has been a pleasant one. I have had all my concerns addressed by my, May I say INCREDIBLE recruiter Chiara Vieceli. From the beginning her Professional yet Brutal Honesty was not only refreshing but greatly appreciated. I understand that there is allot to be said about traveling both pros and cons. It is all relative. During a time in history that is riddled with questions about medical coverage and compensation, it is fortunate in my view to have an Honest Support from such a Great person. So, Cheers to Chiara, I am humbled and thankful."
Maisha K Bracks / August 2017

"Have to say I think Nick Maley wins the long drive contest. Nick has gone far and above to help me with my assignments. I know because I can sometimes be a pain in the $&@. OneStaff Medical is a great and caring agency. I have recommended Nick and company many times and will continue to do so. Nice touch when I received some holiday gifts last winter from Nick and company. Once I was stuck in a jam and Nick was there to help me out. I've been in customer service for many years as a bartender/manager and Nick has been top notch. He knows customer service as well. Looking forward to many more assignments with Nick.
Thank You Nick.
You're the best!!!"

Larry Michaud / August 2017

"I absolutely love this recruiting company!!! I've been with them for over 2 years...there's a multitude of reasons for that. Anthony and Ryan are absolutely the most awesome people! Everyone I've spoken to on the phone in the past 2 years is ridiculously supportive and amazing! I whole-heartedly love them! #brandloyalty #lovetheseguys #travelnurse #rn #gypsy"
Shalon Ridler / December 2016

"I think they pay very competitively, have about any of the assignments the rest do and they stand behind their nurses. I think those of us that have traveled know what I mean. They have your back. Logan Bruner is very professional and down to earth, he will text you on and off hours and handle whatever you need. I have been in contact with Nick Pacheco...he is another good one."
Kim Barber / June 2015